Love Leather Wraps- Cross Bracelet


Hammertone copper cross on a distressed brown leather cord

*Each item has an adjustable fit




Love Life and Live it with Purpose!

Like so many others sharing the same passion, nature is my go to. The freedom and unsurpassable beauty found there is what makes me feel alive and inspires my life and designs. A native of southwest Michigan along the shores of our great lake , ponds and forests its bountiful to find and enjoy.

I will credit my Dad, my ‘John Wayne’ hero a WW2 vet, Tailgunner with The Flying Deadheads Squadron over the Phillipines, with a hand in instilling a love for all natural things, especially the shiny ones. He loved nature, was tough yet softhearted with respect for every living thing and a rockhound! I remember him taking a rough ugly stone, cutting and polishing until he brought its beauty out all smooth and sparkling. He would be proud to see some of those stones being used in my jewelry. He taught me no matter what you do do your best and strive for excellence.
I believe everyone is gifted in the rough with an amazing talent whether it’s currently realized or not. What do YOU love?? Dig for it, polish, it pursue it and live your life on purpose!

Yours in passion and purpose! Peggy




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Weight 2 oz